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Website design and development

Website design and development


Digital presence is a key customer channel for almost every business. In Q1 of 2019, according to the Office for National Statistics, “91% of all adults [in the UK] had recently used the internet, with almost all adults aged 16 to 44 years (99%) being recent internet users.” Accessible, engaging, up to date and searchable content is fundamental to a successful digital presence. Society moves at an incredible pace, consumers expect relevant content to be available on a multitude of devices on demand. To help our clients meet their customers needs, we provide website design and development.

91% of all adults had recently used the internet, with almost all adults aged 16 to 44 years (99%) being recent internet users.

In 2018, 78% of adults stated their preferable method of Internet access was via a smartphone. This statistic is not surprising when you consider the volume of commuters interacting with their devices during their daily commute, the ease of use of using a mobile device when visiting new places, and the social expectation to constantly share information with peers.

78% of adults stated their preferable method of Internet access was via a smartphone.


From websites to mobile apps, social media to customer relationship management platforms, a multitude of avenues are available to be explored. We find that working with clients to deliver solutions that solve their immediate needs, whilst presenting options for future developments, ensures the best value for money whilst delivering the best customer experience. The approach we take is tailored to every client; factoring in time, budget, requirements and the ongoing technical support. Whether you are looking for a website or a mobile app, the three categories of development listed below broadly apply.

Bespoke development

+ Unlimited scope

+ Fully customisable

+ Complete control

+ Most suitable for integration

–  Typically higher cost

–  Ongoing support requirement

Customised off the shelf

+ Community support

+ Quicker to market

+ Customisable

+ Common integration options

–  Requires infrastructure

–  Constraints of flexibility

Managed platform

+ Fully managed

+ Supported infrastructure

+ Low maintenance

+ Limited set of integration options

–  Platform portability restrictions

–  Constraints on flexibility

Why wait?

Get in touch with your account manager at Accelita today! Use our experience, passion and knowledge to help your business engage digital with our website design and development services.

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Tech us Together launch speakers

Inspiring the next generation of technologists

Technology careers and technologists have many a stereotype and misconception associated with them. Whilst society and the industry is trying to dispel some of the myths, here at Accelita we believe everyone has a part to play.


We were privileged to attend the launch event of Tech Us Together, a social enterprise whose goal is to inspire, explore and connect through technology. Bringing people together who are interested in tech, are curious about careers in tech, and who are already in the tech sector; to network and explore opportunities.

The launch event, hosted at the LCB Depot in Leicester, saw our Director of IT and Cyber, Tom Noble along with 3 other guest speakers take to the stage to discuss their background in technology and to answer questions from the audience.

Tech us Together audience

With a diverse and strong attendance, it was great to discuss some of the routes into a tech career and where it could take you. Kate Lowe, the founder of Tech Us Together and event organiser, said;

“Everyone left feeling inspired and new connections were formed.” – Kate Lowe, founder of Tech Us Together

As Tom took to the stage his talk focused on the personal gains that can be achieved with a career in technology and that technology careers are diverse and open to everyone; no matter your background, no matter your interest, no matter your skill set! In fact, Tom Noble, co-founder of the IT Consultancy firm Accelita, used his career in technology to take to the skies by acquiring his Personal Pilots Licence (PPL).

Speaker, Tom Noble

Tom Noble at Tech us Together launch

“Technology careers are diverse and open to everyone.” – Tom Noble

The future of Tech Us Together is bright, with many events scheduled for the rest of the year. If you are interested in what a technology career could offer you, visit Tech Us Together today.

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Cyber security

Introduction to Cyber Security

Cyber Security knowledge begins with an Introduction to Cyber Security. Cyber is a developing industry and a growing concern for many. As a result, there is a diverse resource set available across the Internet, recommendations available in printed material and recorded guidance embedded within video platforms. It is now more important than ever to ensure you embed well founded Cyber Security knowledge throughout your business.

At Accelita we take pride in our desire for continuous development. To this end, we took part in The Open University course, Introduction to Cyber Security. This course covers the basic principles we should know as consumers, members of the public and professionals. The course provides definitions and case studies for all those scary tech words we hear in the news. You are walked through common steps to mitigate cyber security risks and challenged to think outside the box.

"Well founded Cyber Security
knowledge is essential"

The Introduction to Cyber Security course provides a fantastic starting point, but Cyber Security is a forever changing landscape. A host of reputable, cost effective, solutions are available to help further knowledge in this area.


Focused on those who are technically minded and like to get stuck in. This is a great platform providing free courses for everyone. We have used Cybrary for a number of training activities. Knowledgable instructors, extremely mature content and fantastic scope make this platform great.

See more at Cybrary.


Pluralsight is more than just a training platform for Cyber Security topics, it is an enterprise ready platform for a multitude of technical topics. Investing in Pluralsight provides organisations with an overview of employe engagement and learners with an array of well structured courses.

See more at Pluralsight.


At Accelita we currently provide Cyber Security awareness training to personnel across the organisation. Rather than delivering technically focused content, we discuss the steps that everyone can take minimise risks to the business and yourselves.

See more at Accelita.

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