Welcome entrepreneur

You have the drive, vision and sheer determination to be a great success in the Cyber Sector! My job is to help guide, support and motivate you on your incredible journey.

Your experience to date will help define your product or service, your personality will drive results. Whether your expertise are in technology, psychology or anything in between; the Cyber community is waiting for you.

I have had the absolute pleasure to support small businesses since 2009 as they develop their business and grow. Now, I offer my support and motivation to you!

Inspiring tomorrow's talent

We all have ambition and drive, sometimes we just need someone to spark our imagination and guide us in a new direction.

From running entrepreneurs events to coaching sessions, I take the time to give you the tools to explore your definition of success whilst using the Cyber community as a place to develop and grow. Cyber Security is a global problem, it affects every single one of us, and we each have a role to play.

A considerable amount of our lives are spent at work, why not forge your own path? From a young age we are encouraged to embark upon a path of formal education, to do things that make others proud of our achievements and often go where the money is. My belief if that happiness and your definition of success can be different, they can be what you want them to be, and I am here to help you build upon that.