Cyber Security knowledge begins with an Introduction to Cyber Security. Cyber is a developing industry and a growing concern for many. As a result, there is a diverse resource set available across the Internet, recommendations available in printed material and recorded guidance embedded within video platforms. It is now more important than ever to ensure you embed well founded Cyber Security knowledge throughout your business.

At Accelita we take pride in our desire for continuous development. To this end, we took part in The Open University course, Introduction to Cyber Security. This course covers the basic principles we should know as consumers, members of the public and professionals. The course provides definitions and case studies for all those scary tech words we hear in the news. You are walked through common steps to mitigate cyber security risks and challenged to think outside the box.

"Well founded Cyber Security
knowledge is essential"

The Introduction to Cyber Security course provides a fantastic starting point, but Cyber Security is a forever changing landscape. A host of reputable, cost effective, solutions are available to help further knowledge in this area.


Focused on those who are technically minded and like to get stuck in. This is a great platform providing free courses for everyone. We have used Cybrary for a number of training activities. Knowledgable instructors, extremely mature content and fantastic scope make this platform great.

See more at Cybrary.


Pluralsight is more than just a training platform for Cyber Security topics, it is an enterprise ready platform for a multitude of technical topics. Investing in Pluralsight provides organisations with an overview of employe engagement and learners with an array of well structured courses.

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At Accelita we currently provide Cyber Security awareness training to personnel across the organisation. Rather than delivering technically focused content, we discuss the steps that everyone can take minimise risks to the business and yourselves.

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