How do I get into the Cyber Security sector?

The Cyber Security sector has many different entry routes but few clear pathways. Many believe that you must be a tech guru to enter, but this is simply not true. With a diverse range of roles within this brilliant community, your interest in change is the only prerequisite for a successful career.

Where you begin is up to you. To get hands on quickly, junior roles and apprenticeships are a great place to get started.

Is the same true for career changers?

Just because you are changing career, doesn't mean your routes into the Cyber Sector are any fewer than those starting from scratch. In fact, a study by Cyber Seek states 1 in 5 move from a different sector into the Cyber Sector and with no deep technical expertise!

The technical aspect of Cyber Security only make up one of the three pillars. With the other two pillars being people and process, a huge variety of career opportunities and roles are on offer. It is commonly understood that people are often the weakest link in Cyber Security, a great opportunity for you to help improve this perhaps.

Career changers come with fantastic experience perfect for developing new ideas, concepts and products. Motivate supports entrepreneurs in developing their service in the Cyber Sector.

What roles are available?

It is widely known that there is a shortage of Cyber Security professionals. One of the biggest challenges is finding junior roles within industry as businesses are still working out how to bring cyber professionals onboard.

I am working with businesses, colleges and entrepreneurs to promote the advantages of taking on junior staff. Based in the UK's fastest growing Cyber community I am partnering with key stakeholders to bring new opportunities to you.