Cyber Security as a sector

Cyber / Cyber Security / Cyber Domain, we live in a world where these terms mean different things to different people. Many outside the community see Cyber as a prestigious group of technically capable folk who sit behind computers and perform magic.

It is time we consider Cyber as the sector that it is rather than just the skillset it has become known as.

As with every sector, there are an infinite number of roles available. Cyber Security is not just about who can hack or write software, it covers everything from effective management and marketing to physical and technical security. It is well known that the weakest link in Cyber Security is the human, this alone presents opportunities for sociologists, psychologists, lawyers, policy makers, marketers and HR personnel.

Changing the perception

Changing the perception requires education. This doesn't have to be the formal kind we all experience in our formative years, it can be more accessible. My intention is to increase awareness of the diversity of roles within the Cyber Sector. How do we achieve this?

  • Panel speaker at startup launch events

  • School, Sixth Form, College and University guest speaker events

  • Individual tutoring

  • And anything else we can get involved in...

Ready to start?

I need to speak with people like you, those with an open mind ready to explore the opportunities available within the Cyber community. It all starts with a conversation, from there the possibilities are endless.